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charcoal teeth

Trends and fads have long been part of life. All the internet has done is move them along faster. With that having been said, many people still view the internet as an authoritative source of information and accept much of what they see there uncritically. Much of the time this is harmless, but occasionally it […]

oral cancer month

Oral cancer often goes unnoticed but is highly curable if diagnosed and treated in the early stages. At every dental exam, an oral cancer screening is performed on every patient. We at Queen City Dental Arts, are offering FREE enhanced oral cancer screenings at any appointment in April in order to bring an awareness to […]

dentist reopen

We are excited to announce that Queen City Dental Arts will be re-opening on Monday, May 11th. We know this has been a challenging and often confusing time for many of our patients, and we’re happy to be available again for your regular dental care. We’re carefully monitoring both the evolving situation around the COVID-19 […]