Orthodontics and Adult Braces

adult braces

Orthodontics is the branch of dental science that addresses and corrects irregularities of the teeth and jaw, generally by using braces to readjust and realign teeth. While orthodontics are popularly seen as a cosmetic procedure and often associated with your teenage years, braces can correct serious health issues and adult braces are becoming more common.

Braces can help in several different ways, depending on the patient’s needs and goals. Some of the most common uses of braces include the following:

  • Correcting crooked teeth: It’s not uncommon for teeth to be out of alignment—something like 50% of Americans experience it. Braces can be used to readjust and reposition teeth into better alignment, making for a healthier and more attractive smile.
  • Correcting shifting teeth: Again, braces may be commonly associated with adolescence but the fact is that our teeth continue to shift a bit throughout our lifetimes, and sometimes adult braces might help get them back on track. You may need braces at any age to help reposition your teeth.
  • Correcting serious dental health issues: Braces can be used to treat other, more serious problems as well, like jaw pain and tooth grinding.
  • Improving overall oral health: While your smile’s appearances is important, better oral health is the real goal. Properly aligned teeth can be easier to brush, floss, clean, and otherwise care for. Once you’ve got a great smile, it’s just easier to keep it that way.

As adult braces have become more common, so have different options for how braces look and feel. With so many choices, it’s important to find the one that’s right for you. Our friendly staff can help guide you to the option which best fits your needs, and we’ll be with you through every step of the process. Whatever stage of life you’re at, make an appointment and we’ll find the right braces for you. And make sure to ask about our Six Month Smiles promotion; it may be just what you need!