A Beautiful, Furry And Heartfelt Showcase For National Pet Week

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We may only take care of human teeth here at QCDA, but we do love our furry friends as well! Many of us have pets of our own at home, and we know how much a part of the family they can be! In honor of National Pet Week, we decided to showcase some of our team’s favorite fur babies.

Dr. Stenvall is a self-proclaimed cat lady and has two 13-year-old kitties at home. Boo Radley and Achilles are brothers and were adopted by Dr. Stenvall when she was living in Philadelphia, PA. Boo and Achilles have gone through multiple moves with Dr. Stenvall, and they have always been good sports in adjusting to all kinds of new environments, including the addition of a human baby to the family in 2022. Favorite activities include eating treats, naps on the sofa and getting lots of petting.

Kristin and her family are dog lovers! They have two dogs, Tebow and Suzie. Tebow is a 12-year-old lab/pointer mix they have had since he was rescued at eight months old. He is known as the neighborhood mascot.

Suzie joined our family last year and is an 11-year-old Chiweenie. She brings so much laughter and fun to the family!

Ebony and her kids have an energetic four-legged family member. Dash is a 5-year-old Bichon Frise. He is very loving and loves belly rubs. Dash’s favorite thing to do is lay in the sun. He also enjoys having food snuck to him by the kids.

Linda loves her golden doodle, Eevee. She is a sweet, energetic, people-friendly dog. She became a member of Linda’s family on her daughter’s sweet 16! Eevee loves treats, playing fetch and giving high five’s. At the end of the day, she cuddles on the sofa. Eevee is an amazing companion and brings so much love and joy to my home!

Our Queen City Dental Arts dentist and team are excited to share our fur families with you and welcome you to call us at 704-542-6533 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Meghan Stenvall in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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