Back to School Tips for Dental Health

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As the hot days of August come to an end and we start to notice chilly nights and cooler mornings, we start thinking about the change to fall and back to school! We understand that schedules and routines go out the window during the summer, with non-existent bedtimes and meals and snacks whenever. It is important to get your child’s teeth back to school ready and to get back into the routine of brushing and flossing regularly. We have a few tips to help the transition back to school go a little smoother.

It is important that your child gets back to brushing their teeth twice a day for two minutes. Two minutes is a long time! To make it easier for kids, we recommend playing one of their favorite songs, that is about the same amount of time, to help them gauge the 2-minute time frame. Flossing is just as important for kids as it is for adults. Supervise your kids when they floss the first few times to make sure they aren’t damaging their gums. Don’t forget that toothbrushes should be swapped out for a new one every three months. Back to school is a good time to start fresh!

If you pack your child’s lunch, make sure you are including food and drinks that promote dental health. Since most kids can’t brush their teeth after lunch while they’re at school, try to avoid sugary and sticky foods, such as candy, cookies and fruit snacks. Those foods will sit on your kids’ teeth all afternoon. Avoid sodas and sugary juice – it’s always best to stick to water. Good snacks to pack would include raw vegetables, celery with peanut butter, string cheese, yogurt and non-sweetened applesauce.

Make sure that you and your family are scheduled for your regular dental cleanings. It’s always easier to have them on the calendar before the homework, projects, and extracurriculars kick in. We all know how busy this time of year can be, but know that all of us at Queen City Dental Arts are here to help get your child’s smile back-to-school ready!


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