Do You Know the Common Symptoms of Tooth Decay?

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We’re all probably guilty of consulting with doctor Google and convincing ourselves that we have any number of diseases and maladies.  Fortunately for us, we’re usually wrong in our diagnosis!  If you’re ever worried that you might have a dental cavity, here are a few things to look for so you can make a more accurate assessment.

Sometimes, a tooth with a cavity can be sensitive to cold temperatures. This is because a cavity is a weakened part of the tooth, and the nerve is less protected, making the nerve more sensitive to temperatures fluctuations.  You may also notice sensitivity to sweet foods or drinks.  If you are noticing sensitivity to hot foods and drinks, the cavity may be so deep that it is damaging the nerve.

Another way to tell if you may have a cavity is to look for white or brown spots on your teeth or visible pits or holes.  The longer a cavity is present on a tooth, the bigger it gets and a tooth may chip or break over time.  It is always better to restore or “fix” a cavity when it is small so that less tooth is removed in the process.

Of course, these symptoms don’t necessarily mean that you have a cavity.  If you are ever concerned or if you are starting to notice any of these things, our Queen City Dental Arts team is always happy to take a look. Our skilled dentist, Dr. Meghan Stenvall in Charlotte, North Carolina, is happy to help you and your family with all of your dental health concerns. Please call 704-542-6533 to speak with a caring member of our team to schedule a visit.

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