January Is Dental Drill Day

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January 26th is Dental Drill Day! Although the sound of the dental drill isn’t most people’s favorite sound, we can appreciate the evolution of the dental drill over the years. There is evidence of dentistry being performed as far back as 7000 BC… I wouldn’t want to see what their drills were like!

In the mid-1800s, dental drills were powered by foot pedals, and the first electric handpieces weren’t patented until the late 1800’s. Through multiple improvements over the years, our electric handpieces now use an air turbine and can spin up to 180,000 rpm! You may remember your dentist growing up having to pedal his handpiece and can appreciate all of the changes over time.

With all of the advances that we have seen recently, dentistry has become efficient, precise and virtually painless. Read the full history of dental handpieces here: Here.

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