What Is Your Mouth’s Love Language?

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It's the time of year when we show love to all of our friends and family by giving them cards, flowers, chocolates ... however you show them that you care. But what do you do to show your mouth love? Well, there are lots of things that you can do to show your mouth that you care. 1) Brush: It... read more »

Secrets to a Healthier Smile with Diabetes: Your Guide to Oral Care

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We all know someone with diabetes or may even struggle with diabetes ourselves.  We also know that diabetes is a disease that affects our entire body, including our oral health.  One of the main challenges of diabetes is controlling blood sugar.  People with high blood sugar also have a higher concentration of sugar in their saliva, which puts them at... read more »

Lions and Tigers and… Going to the Dentist! Oh My!

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We got a call from a man (we'll call him Bob) after hours last week, complaining of a tooth that was throbbing and keeping him awake for the past few nights. He then admitted the tooth had been hurting him on and off for months. Why didn't he call us sooner?! For the simple reason that he was afraid of... read more »

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