Back to School Tips for Dental Health

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As the hot days of August come to an end and we start to notice chilly nights and cooler mornings, we start thinking about the change to fall and back to school! We understand that schedules and routines go out the window during the summer, with non-existent bedtimes and meals and snacks whenever. It is important to get your child's... read more »

So Many Toothbrushes So Little Time

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Hopefully, we all follow our dentist’s recommendation of brushing our teeth twice a day. But how do we choose what kind of toothbrush is best? With all of the options available to us, it can be difficult to feel confident in what we’re using to keep those pearly whites staying pearly white! There actually really is no right or wrong answer or... read more »

Unlocking the Mystery of Hypodontia: Exploring the Missing Teeth Phenomenon

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It seems like common sense; baby teeth fall out, adult teeth come in. But sometimes there are certain teeth that don't ever come in, and it's not because they're impacted or stuck in the gums. When this happens, it could be because a tooth is congenitally missing, which means a person is actually born without a permanent tooth. Another word... read more »

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